15 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Content Writer.

You have a website. And it needs content.

What do you do?

Well, there are a lot of companies out there that specialize in website content writing services.

All you would need to do is give them the go signal, and they can deliver any form of website content that your site needs.

But before you hire one, ask yourself these questions first:

1. What does my website require?

Ask whether your website content should be blog posts or articles, or company profiles? Or perhaps an e-book?

Or maybe I want to sell products on my website; should I make product pages with descriptions and specifications? And what about website copy for the website's home page?

2. What is my budget?

Website content writing services start with as low and INR 200-300, but at the same time, others charge over $5,000.00.

So your budget really depends on what you want to accomplish through your website, how much website content you need.

3. Is there someone from my company who has a good command of the English language and creativity in writing website content?

If yes, why not give them a shot at it first before hiring content writers?

4. Do I have time to sit with freelance website content writers or content writing companies to discuss what will be included in website content?

Because most website content writers don't just write without knowing how they fit into the entire picture. They need an idea of what you're trying to accomplish through your site so that they can write relevant website content that helps sell your product or service.

If you provide them with unclear info, chances are they will provide website content that is mushy and not focused on the website's goal.

5. What website content do I need?

Well, this one is pretty easy to answer - website content and blog posts! Yes, website content writers can handle that all by themselves!

They can write original and unique website content with SEO value while still focusing on your site goals.

6. Does my website require more than just company profiles and blog posts?

If yes, then you should consider hiring a specific team of website copywriters. These professionals deal only with website copywriting services for sites looking to sell products or engage in online marketing campaigns.

They specialize in search engine optimization techniques, so their website content is just suitable for search engine visitors.

They can also publish website content in e-books, brochures, website print ads, website banners, white papers, website infographics, product videos, and more.

7. How much content do I need?

For most websites, this will be your evergreen website copy. However, you might want to consider writing a massive chunk of it so that website content writers have something to work with while they are busy creating new blog posts every now and then.

Give them instructions on what you need so that all of the site's website content stays consistent. Make sure your website's voice is heard throughout all the website content published on the site!

8. How often do I plan to update website content?

If it's just once in a blue moon or not really that often, hire someone who is very affordable but still ensures that the website's voice will be heard everywhere.

But if adding new blog posts every now and then is an essential part of your marketing strategy, make sure to ask different website content writers how long would it take them to finish one website content.

Also, talk with them about how responsive they will be with website content updates. You wouldn't want website content writers to go MIA (missing in action) once your website is published!

9. Do I want website content that is specific to one category or website page?

You can show them what you need for your website's home page!

But then again, you can also hire someone who can create website content that is general enough that it can be used on all of your website pages.

10. How unique does the website content have to be?

Since the voice is so important, work with professional website copywriters who understand why creating unique and original website content is imperative.

In addition, your content must be at least 80% when checked in a premium plagiarism checker. If your content is not unique or has a high level of plag, you are better of with no content at all.

11. How formal does my website content need to be?

Since the website is an indispensable part of any company, you need website content that is more business-like and formal.

Or, if it's a website for promoting your services or products, website copy has to be polished to look like you know what you're doing with creating and building websites and/or marketing and selling products.

12. Will the writers I hire write original content, or they'll just rewrite content from other sites?

Sometimes reposting already written website content is not such a bad idea, especially when you're short on time (and money) to write everything all over again!

But again, the content is no good if it is directly copied from the source. It will massively hurt your SEO score and may even get your website blacklisted on Google.

13. What are a writer's core strengths?

Content strategy, website usability, website audit, information architecture, keyword research, content marketing, email marketing, copy editing are some of the critical strengths a content writer must possess.

14. Is website content creation expensive?

It depends on the content company you hire and the level of website copywriting required for your website.

It starts with about INR 2000 for an entire website and can go as high as INR 35,000. If you hire a reputable and well-known website content writer (or not) - make sure website copywriter's samples look like they know what they're doing before hiring them!

Also, contact their references because these people might tell you some interesting stories about dealing with different website content writers they hired.

15. How can writers improve my website?

By reading website contents carefully written by website copywriters you hired for your website project, the visitor will understand what the website is all about in no time!

And when a website's purpose is clear to people, they are more likely to use it again and again! So how to better improve your website? First, hire someone who knows what they're doing in terms of professional website content writing services!

Make sure their samples look great - but most importantly - that the company has a good reputation with previous clients!


We understand not everyone has time to do all these things before hiring a content writer. But we don't want you to make a mistake by hiring someone who can break your website content instead of making it extraordinary.

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