1. About concert stage designers and Production:

There are many things to think about when putting on an event. Everything from the venue and location to the decorations is on the list. However, lighting is one thing that can make or break an event. Lighting is an important part of making events and installations of all sizes and types look amazing, and our team knows how important good lighting is in all situations. We offer smart LED lights that save much more energy than traditional lighting systems. Use these decorative tools to change the atmosphere of your venues by adding colour, choosing accent lighting that fits the mood of your events, and so on. With the help of experts, you can bring attention to the exact details you want the audience to notice at any given time. Our creative brainstorming starts with where and how bright the lights are, moves on to choosing the colours, and ends with coming up with ways to incorporate your event's style and theme. Our well-thought-out lighting arrangement will keep your audience's attention throughout, and it will not only captivate them for a short time but also leave them with a lasting impression.

  1. Exhibition Booth designing and Production. 

We believe that To serve a client properly, it is necessary to fully comprehend their situation and objectives. From this vantage point, we leverage cutting-edge resources to design indelible brand interactions. At a trade show, all it takes to attract customers is an engaging and well-designed booth. Your booth's overall design and feel are one factor that draws in prospective customers. There is no better place to be if you want your booth design to generate more leads and make a greater splash. We aim to create memorable brand experiences and connections on the trade show floor. Our customer support representatives always do what they can to resolve any issues that may arise. We collaborate with our clients at every stage of the process to ensure that the final exhibit accurately represents their business. We present concept sketches, 3D renderings, bespoke fabrication, pre-show quality control builds, shipping, onsite installation and disassembly, show schedule management, and secure booth storage are all included. We can deliver one-of-a-kind exhibits of any scope and cost because of the adaptability of our solutions in events like Wedding Sangeet Ceremonies, Birthday Parties and Corporate Event Social Parties.

  1. Mall Installation

The level of competition among retailers is higher than ever, and it is easy to understand why businesses place high expectations on shopping malls in terms of attracting customers. Installation art in shopping malls is an incredible tool for luring customers away from their phones and into your stores. Encourage customers to shop in person rather than using their smartphones or laptops to complete their purchases online. The average shopping mall is enormous, and on the largest shopping days of the year, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they see crowds numbering in the thousands. We enlarge the areas that are shared in order to produce more places of convergence and grandeur. At Tripitaks, we do Market analyses to assist in assessing whether or not the local area will be able to support the mall. It is essential to acquire knowledge of the competition in the immediate area as well as in the surrounding areas.

For all kinds of commercial centres, the quality of the pedestrian environment ought to be seriously considered as a fundamental defining component of the site plan and design concept that should be followed.

  1. Sketches and Brainstorming:

Our content analysis is not limited to what is already written on or planned for bespoke trade show displays. Instead, we look into the subject in its various forms. Pictures used throughout, for instance, are part of the material as well. Currently, we are focusing on content that follows the same colour scheme employed to make the advertising look good. Tripitaka uses a design, colour scheme, logo, and picture that accurately represents your company's ideals, products, and image.

Meanwhile, our company places a premium on the approval of the targeted audience. We always remember that your ideal clients' tastes are the key to our company's prosperity. Attracting consumers to your site requires the usage of high-quality typefaces, font families, and visuals. Your company's logo is no different in this regard.

  1. Making:

Choosing a programme is only the first step in the adventure ahead of us. The following stage requires the customer, in this case, you, to choose the optimal trade show booth size and location. Considering these aspects is quite necessary, given that they will, to some extent, affect the effectiveness of your booth. If no one on your team has ever held a position at the venue where your event will take place, it would be in your best interest to collaborate with somebody who has held such a position. We ensure sufficient time for everyone on our team to get ready. In addition to being aware of the real cost of holding the event and presenting your art, you should consider the following. We will do our best to keep your vacation cost within reasonable limits. Do not wait until the last minute to make travel arrangements; hotels around the venue may sell out months before large events.

  1. Why us?

Want to engage people in your exhibit without having to ask them? When you work with us on your trade show booth or counters, we will provide you with the knowledge, resources, and service you need to create a display that fits your vision while staying within your set parameters for cost, schedule, and other important factors. Tripitaka believes that a well-designed trade show booth should do more than attract customers' eyes. It should entice the prospective buyers to learn more about what you offer and ultimately convert them into practical buyers. When we are on your team, you will not have to waste time chasing down potential vendors one by one. We provide comprehensive solutions and can take care of all your requirements for an effective trade fair presence. This is hardly the limit of our talents, however. We create everything you can imagine, including concerts, exposition booths, wedding sangeet stages, and wedding décor. Decide on the person you want to represent publicly.